DJ Lotus is a highly experienced club and radio DJ with a passion for New Wave, Dark Wave, Electronic, Synth Wave, and Industrial music. With a diverse background in the music industry, he has entertained audiences in prominent cities such as San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Bakersfield.

In addition to his DJ skills, DJ Lotus is a self-proclaimed music nerd, tech enthusiast, and an all-around nerd. His deep knowledge and love for music genres make him a go-to DJ for those seeking a unique and captivating musical experience. Whether you’re looking for a night of dancing at a club or radio/streaming show to discover new tunes, DJ Lotus is sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

DJ Lotus embarked on his DJ career in the 1980s, initially gaining experience as a mobile DJ for Paradise Sound. He became well-versed in entertaining crowds at various events, including high school and college dances, weddings, and class reunions. Following this early venture, DJ Lotus swiftly transitioned to the club scene of Bakersfield, California.

During his time in Bakersfield, DJ Lotus joined KKXX as an on-air personality and had the privilege of hosting and programming two distinctive shows: X-Factor Radio, showcasing alternative rock music, and Planet X, dedicated to electronic music. His sarcasm and eclectic taste in music made him a beloved figure among listeners. Subsequently, X-Factor Radio made its way to KRAB Radio, with DJ Lotus as host and programmer.

In the 1990s, DJ Lotus ventured further and found himself in the scenic city of San Luis Obispo, where he secured a position at KSLY. Here, he embraced the role of production director and on-air personality while also serving as the host and programmer of The Other Side, a show dedicated to alternative rock. Despite his radio commitments, his passion for DJing in clubs remained, and he continued to mesmerize club-goers in San Luis Obispo. Additionally, DJ Lotus would make weekend trips to Santa Barbara, where he was an on-air personality at KHTY.

As the millennium approached, DJ Lotus journey led him to San Francisco, where he embarked on a new professional endeavor outside the realm of radio. Nevertheless, his passion of DJing persisted, and he continued to captivate audiences with his electrifying performances at clubs.

In the early 2000s, fate brought DJ Lotus back to his hometown of Bakersfield. Here, he further expanded his radio career, gracing the airwaves of multiple stations as an on-air personality.

Throughout his musical odyssey, DJ Lotus has enjoyed captivating listeners and club-goers alike with his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to his craft.


:: Clubs 1989-2024:.

Danse Macabre (San Francisco)
Club Delusions (San Luis Obispo)
Club Egregious (San Luis Obispo)
Tortilla Flats (San Luis Obispo)
Club Zebra (San Luis Obispo)
The Graduate (San Luis Obispo)
Spikes (Bakersfield)
Sharky’s (Bakersfield)
The Underground (Bakersfield)
Romper Room (Bakersfield)
Club OZ (Bakersfield)
Al Polowski’s (Bakersfield)
Woody’s (Bakersfield)
Moonlight Lounge (Bakersfield)
Cheney’s (Bakersfield)
Banana Bar (Bakersfield)
Maitia’s (Bakersfield)
Mannequin’s (Bakersfield)
Sharks (Bakersfield)
John Bryan’s (Bakersfield)
Goose Loonies (Bakersfield)
On The Rocks (Bakersfield)
GameChanger (Conroe)

:: Radio Stations 1991-2003 :.

KSLY, KXFM, KSTT (San Luis Obispo- Production Director, On-Air Personality, and host of The Other Side)
KHTY (Santa Barbara On-Air Personality)
KRAB, KKXX (Bakersfield On-Air Personality, Promotions Director, and host of X-Factor Radio)
KLLY (Bakersfield On-Air Personality)
Real Rock 104.3 (Bakersfield On-Air Personality)