:: Clubs 1989-2024:.

Danse Macabre (San Francisco)
Club Delusions (San Luis Obispo)
Club Egregious (San Luis Obispo)
Tortilla Flats (San Luis Obispo)
Club Zebra (San Luis Obispo)
The Graduate (San Luis Obispo)
Spikes (Bakersfield)
Sharky’s (Bakersfield)
The Underground (Bakersfield)
Romper Room (Bakersfield)
Club OZ (Bakersfield)
Al Polowski’s (Bakersfield)
Woody’s (Bakersfield)
Moonlight Lounge (Bakersfield)
Cheney’s (Bakersfield)
Banana Bar (Bakersfield)
Maitia’s (Bakersfield)
Mannequin’s (Bakersfield)
Sharks (Bakersfield)
John Bryan’s (Bakersfield)
Goose Loonies (Bakersfield)
On The Rocks (Bakersfield)
GameChanger (Conroe)

:: Radio Stations 1991-2003 :.

KSLY, KXFM, KSTT (San Luis Obispo- Production Director, On-Air Personality, and host of The Other Side)
KHTY (Santa Barbara On-Air Personality)
KRAB, KKXX (Bakersfield On-Air Personality, Promotions Director, and host of X-Factor Radio)
KLLY (Bakersfield On-Air Personality)
Real Rock 104.3 (Bakersfield On-Air Personality)